The Beaumonts in History Download Page

The following 333 page book was published around 1929 in a very limited number of copies.

This project is in keeping with the wishes of the author as can be read in chapter 22.

We have come across a few potential errors in Beaumonts in History please forward any that you find and we will add them here.

We have prepared the following searchable PDF files by photocopying, scanning, cleaning up and running the pages through an OCR program. The resulting PDF files are the graphic images with the OCR text hidden. 


The PDF's in fact contain the graphic pages stored as G4tiffs which are the most compact form of Black & White graphics available and it is not worth zipping the PDF's as the reduction in size is negligible.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download it from the Acrobat Reader download page on or click on

We recommend downloading the whole book if you have sufficient bandwidth.

(Right click and "save as" to copy to your local machine if using internet explorer)

File Pages File Size download estimate at 56k
BIH all chapters 333 18,153KB 49 min

Or if not you can download each chapter individually - Chapter00 will give you the table of contents so you can decide which chapters you may want to download. 

File Pages File Size download estimate at 56k
BIH chapter 00 6 242KB 38 sec
BIH chapter 01  8 469KB 75 sec
BIH chapter 02 27 1,979KB 5 min
BIH chapter 03 13 777KB 2 min
BIH chapter 04 398KB 60 sec
BIH chapter 05 17 928KB 3 min
BIH chapter 06 47 2,738KB 7 min
BIH chapter 07 30 1,661KB 4.5 min
BIH chapter 08 26 1,550KB 4 min
BIH chapter 09 16 880KB 2.5 min
BIH chapter 10 6 248KB 40 sec
BIH chapter 11 5 209KB 34 sec
BIH chapter 12 3 136KB 22 sec
BIH chapter 13 2 90KB 15 sec
BIH chapter 14 42 2,209KB 6 min
BIH chapter 15 5 183KB 30 sec
BIH chapter 16 4 154KB 25 sec
BIH chapter 17 40 2,203KB 6 min
BIH chapter 18 13 571KB 1.5 min
BIH chapter 19 5 198KB 32 sec
BIH chapter 20 7 314KB 50 sec
BIH chapter 21 2 70KB 12 sec
BIH chapter 22 2 97KB 16 sec