The Beaumont Bibliography

The following table is an initial Bibliography related to Beaumont Genealogy. It does not mean that we have seen the book or documents, or know how extensive the relevant information is. We will be adding to the list as we find more references. Note that one book is available on-line in its entirety, and portions of another that relate to the Beaumont name.

Ref Title Author Publ. Date Pages Source Book_Ref Film_ref
BB0040 The Beaumonts in History  850 to 1850 Beaumont, Edward Thomas 1929 333p LOC CS439 .B38 On-line
BB0041 Materials for a history of the parish of Bildeston, in the county of Suffolk.  Growse, Frederic Salmon, 1836-1893. 1892 96p LOC DA690.B565 G7 On-line
BB0001 100 genealogical trails back to Adam   Sperry, Harrison Spencer, 1912-. 1988 72p FHLC 929.273 Sp37 FHL VAULT US/CAN Film 2055583 item 8 -- 35mm
BB0002 The ancestors and descendants of the Honorable Calvin(6) Pease and Laura (6) Grant Risley Pease, his wife, of Suffield, Ct., Rutland, Vt.   Duty, Allene Beaumont, 1912-. 1979 230p FHLC 929.273 P231  
BB0003 Ancestry and descendants [of] Merlin Plumb, Elizabeth Cleopatra Bellows, Mary (Polly) Ann Clifford . . . [820-1955]   Thatcher, Marion Plumb, 1899-1993. 1957 1000p FHLC   FHL US/CAN Film 1032969 item 3 & 1032970 -- 35mm
BB0004 The ancient Beaumonts ; The Immigrants   Beaman, Kenneth P.  1980   FHLC 929.242 B383  
BB0005 Ascendants of Daniel Hazen, United Empire Loyalist   McCurdy, Ross W. (Ross Walter) , 1939-. 1986 182p FHLC 929.271 H338 FHL US/CAN Fiche 6104733
BB0006 Beaumont branches   Butherus, Peggy. 1988 3 vols FHLC 929.27305 B383  
BB0007 Beaumont family genealogy : a recording of our Beaumont ancestry and known relatives   Adair, Walter W. (Walter William) , 1930-. 1974 26p FHLC 929.273 A1 FHL US/CAN Film 973012 item 4 -- 35mm
BB0008 The Beaumont family, ancestors and descendants of George Henry Beaumont of Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. and London, England : his Beaumont ancestry in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, England Duty, Allene Beaumont, 1912-. 1980 198p FHLC 929.273 B383 FHL US/CAN Film 1035905 item 8 -- 35mm
BB0009 Beaumont papers : letters relating to the family of Beaumont, of Whitley, Yorkshire, from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries   Macray, William Dunn. 1884 115p FHLC 929.242 B383 FHL BRITISH Fiche 6026054
BB0010 Beaumont peerage case .     1 vol FHLC   FHL BRITISH Film 277821 item 2 -- 35mm
BB0011 The Beaumont twins : the roots and branches of power in the Twelfth Century   Crouch, David. 1986 242p FHLC 921.42 B383 ISBN/ISSN 0521302153
BB0012 Blaisdell family papers and allied families of: Allen Hough, Edgerton, Wolcott, Beaumont, and Carrier   Blaisdell, James Arnold. 1959   FHLC   FHL US/CAN Film 178968 to 178977 + -- 35mm
BB0013 The Brooks : a Leicestershire family   Hamilton, Pat. 1992 81p FHLC 929.273 B791 ISBN/ISSN 1872479103
BB0014 Collections by Beckwith, relating to the following families: Beaumont, Brus, Buston, Constable, Fawkes, Langdale (with many allied families), Lascelles, Neville, Percy and Bethell   Beckwith, Thomas. 1972   FHLC   FHL BRITISH Film 894656 item 1 -- 35mm
BB0015 Collections for the family of Beaumount, with several pedigrees, trickings of arms with quarterings, etc. : and a number of original letters to Radcliffe, from R. H. Beaumont and John Beaumont, of Whitley Hall   Radcliffe, William. 1971   FHLC   FHL BRITISH Film 894661 item 1 -- 35mm
BB0016 Une commune normande sous l'Ancien Régime   Hervieu, P. N. (Pierre Nicolas) , 1820-1898. 1910 370p FHLC   FHL INTL Film 661919 item 4 -- 35mm
BB0017 David Doud and Fear Beaumont Doud and their descendant   Gladson, Mae Godfrey. 1968 68p or 29p FHLC   FHL US/CAN Film 1017033 item 9 -- 35mm
BB0018 The Erwin family : the descendants of Colonel Arthur Erwin and Mary Kennedy Erwin, his wife   Duty, Allene Beaumont, 1912-. 1990 436p FHLC 929.273 Er94  
BB0019 The family of James Webb (1788-1875) and Grace Coham Braund (1803-1878) : 1) Jane Webb Symons, 2) John Webb, 3) Mary Webb Ryall Rogers, 4) Grace Webb Luxon, 5) Carolina Webb Matthews, 6) Ann Webb Brough, 7) Elizabeth Webb Buckley, 8) Christiana Webb Lampshire, 9) Margery Webb Potterton : Corwall and Devon, Englan   Edwards, Ann Ryall, 1938-. 1991 2 vols FHLC 929.273 W381 FHL VAULT US/CAN Film 1697991 items 2 & 3 -- 35mm
BB0020 Family tapestry   Stewart, Averil. 1961 223p FHLC 929.241 V838  
BB0021 The Hamiltons of Burnside, North Carolina, and their ancestors and des- cendants of the Hamilton family in America (1658-1958)   Baskervill, Patrick Hamilton, b. 1848. 1916 158p FHLC 929.273 H18 FHL US/CAN Film 908757 item 3 -- 35mm
BB0022 Histoire généalogique de la maison de Beaumont, en Dauphiné .     FHLC   FHL US/CAN Film 599672 and 599673 item 1 -- 35mm
BB0023 Letters, memoranda, etc. : relating principally to the families of Tyas, Beaumont, Kaye of Woodsome, Wood, Ashton, Cahdwick, Harpham, Green, Nevill, Stanley, Redshaw and Howard   Radcliffe, William. 1971   FHLC   FHL BRITISH Film 894659 item 4 -- 35mm
BB0024 Notices of the family of Leigh of Addington   Gower, Granville William Gresham Leveson, 1838-1895. 1878 49p FHLC 929.242 L533 FHL US/CAN Film 1486609 item 23 -- 35mm
BB0025 Parker descendants   Price, Anne Parker Gill (Anna Dorothy Parker Gill) , 1918-. 1988 13p FHLC 929.273 A1 FHL US/CAN Film 1320884 item 2 -- 35mm
BB0026 Pedigrees of the Radcliffe, Field of Heaton, Armytage, Midgley, Denison, Beckett, Wilmer, Smithson of Heath, Ashton, Beaumont, Rockley, Gosnold, Howard and other families   Radcliffe, William. 1971   FHLC   FHL BRITISH Film 894629 -- 35mm
BB0027 Proofs to the pedigree of Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont, and Beaumont and Whetworth of Bretton, in the county of York, 1806 : with abstracts of sundry wills and deeds   Radcliffe, William. 1971   FHLC   FHL BRITISH Film 894661 item 6 -- 35mm
BB0028 The quest for peace, history and genealogy of the Barron, Bates, Beaumont, Black, Conk, Cooper, Cornog, Critz, Croft-Draft, Davies, Delaplaine, DuBree, Felshaw, Goaslind, Griffith, Jacaway, Jones, Leffel, Miller, Robinson, Satterthwaite, Trimble, and allied families   Croft, Evan Marion, 1905-1973. 1964 424p FHLC 929.273 C874 FHL US/CAN Film897287 item2 also 561042 -- 35mm
BB0029 A short treatise of the Isle of Man, digested into six chapters   Chaloner, James. 1974   FHLC   FHL BRITISH Fiche 6023631 - 6023632
BB0030 Slaughter-Cook-Beaumont history and genealogy   Randolph, Mrs. Peyton Beaumont. 1962 102p FHLC 929.273 SL15  
BB0031 Sturges family genealogical records and family history, 1272-1976   Sturges, Frances, 1916-. 1985   FHLC   FHL US/CAN Film 1421576 item 3 -- 35mm
BB0032 Vincent Beaumont et ses descendants : histoire et genealogie, 1668-1968   Beaumont, Alphonse J. 1968 422p FHLC 929.271 B383 FHL US/CAN Film 874448 item 3 -- 35mm
BB0033 A volume of letters and genealogical information : concerning the families of Beaumont, Beckett, Barnard, Hornby, Ashton, Chadwick and Petre Radcliffe, William. 1971   FHLC   FHL BRITISH Film 894662 item 3 -- 35mm
BB0034 Yorkshire baronets, 1640-1760 : families, estates and fortunes   Roebuck, Peter. 1980 414p FHLC 942.74 D5  
BB0035 La baronnie du Besset, commune de la Besseyre-Saint-Mary, canton de Pinols, Haute-Loire   Cubizolles, Pierre. 1981 166p FHLC 944.813 R2  
BB0036 The ancestral lines of James Edwin Cockrum and Phyllis Beaumont-Mills   Cockrum, James Edwin, 1917-. 1987 340p FHLC 929.273 C647  
Forefathers: A History of the Working Class Beaumonts of West Riding,Yorkshire, Volume 1: Descendants of Abraham Beaumont of Deershaw
Beaumont, Diana and Michael 1998 226p LOC CS439.B38 1998
BB0038 Forefathers: A History of the Working Class Beaumonts of West Riding,Yorkshire, Volume 2: Beaumont, Diana and Michael 2001, August approx 300p WEB   Not yet Published
BB0039 Chronicles of the Bement Family in America Leach, Josiah Granville, 1842-1922. 1928 700p LOC CS71.B463 1928

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